Rapid River Series  LbNA # 4661

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateFeb 17 2003
LocationRiggins, ID
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Jul 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Steelhead placed on 17 February 2003
A Turtle Day placed on 4 July 2003

Placed by J&A-Bear

Description: A good 7-mile hike round trip takes about 2-4 hours up and down the trail. During the winter months, the path can be muddy. Itís really beautiful. If you hike in 3 miles you will be able to see the Yew tree growing which marks the furthest east it grows. For more detailed information read about this hike in Hiking Idaho, a Falcon Guide written by Ralph Maughan and Jackie Johnson Maughan. We recommend that you steer clear of this path during the hot summer months, when rattle snakes frequent the trail. When we placed A Turtle Day Letterbox this July, we packed our camping stuff in to camp, and were exhausted from both the heat and encountering snakes. On the way out the following day, we ran into a rattlesnake that would not leave the path. Please be careful and travel with a hiking buddy.

Beware of rattlesnakes, poison ivy and wildlife. The letterboxes are close to the trail and so you should be safe, but please take precautions when reaching into dark places or under rocks. When we hiked in February, a hunter and his dogs were carrying out a small, but dead mountain lion. When we hiked out in July we encountered a stubborn rattlesnake who no longer exists, but they are more active in the heat of the summer.

Directions: From State Highway 95 head west on Rapid River Rd (about 3 miles south of Riggons) following the signs to the Rapid River Salmon Hatchery (open from 8am-5pm). Park at the hatchery and then return to its entrance and seek out trail #113 across the road.

Steelhead Clues: Start at the Rapid River Salmon Hatchery and find Trailhead #113. There you will start your roller coaster ride on foot. A mile to a bridge. Another mile past this bridge overlooking the clear water, rest on a tree at 240 degrees. It is on the RIGHT of the trail and RIGHT on the trail. If you lean against it and look up, up, up you will see a huge boulder staring down at you. Hide behind this tree and release the STEELHEAD trapped in the stump. Notice this is the 2nd tree youíll come to thatís RIGHT on the trail.

From the trail if you see on the right a small beach near exposed roots of a cluster of trees you are close, but simply have gone too far. At this point, you need to backtrack for the box.

A Turtle Day Clues: 3.5 miles into the trail you will come to your 2nd small campsite on your right. Enter in and stop at the larger fire pit. Look to your left and see the tree growing at a slant out of the decline. Up at its base under some rocks is A TURTLE DAY letterbox. I was moving slower than a turtle as we hiked to this campsite with all our gear and the heat of the sun zapping us of our energy. What a relief to relax here for the night.