The Wood Nymphs  LbNA # 46626 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 16 2009
CountyNew Haven
LocationMilford, CT
Planted Bymizzuein    
Found By thegeckoguys
Last Found Jul 23 2009
Hike Distance?

The Wood Nymphs are hidden at Beaverbrook Trails on West Avenue in Milford CT.

When walking the trails, be sure to enjoy the views. These letterboxes are pretty easy to find. Take the time to notice birds' nests in the trees, ducks and frogs in the water, and the many different plants along the way.

Begin at the piered entrance. Walk down the path to the fork - take a right. Follow the trail; walk along the path, following the road, until you come to another fork. Take a left. Look for a tree with messages on your left.

Continue to follow the trail. A small stream will be on your right and reeds will be on your left. As you continue walking along the trail, look for the tall, leaning, dead evergreen and the series of stumps on your right. Soon, water will be on both sides.

Look for a mighty, many-branched evergreen on your right. At the 6th evergreen, you will find the first wood nymph in her basement.

After you've visited a while, continue along the path with water on both sides. Round the bend, passed other trees with messages on the left. At the fork, bear right and up, following the path.

Look up on the hill on your right for the transmission tower. A bird of prey is known to nest at the top...see its nest?

As you continue, you will come to a wooden bridge which spans the marsh. At the point of rest, stop and enjoy the solitude. Continue along the wooden bridge, passed the holey trees on your left, then on your right. This stretch of walk is also known as Dragonfly Alley in the summer. Remember, when dragonflies abound, the environment is ecologically sound.

At the end of the wooden bridge, look for the gnarly rooted tree. Turn right off the path and walk toward the 4-sister tree. Walk passed that tree to the 3-sister tree wrapped with a snaking vine. The 2nd wood nymph is perched on the backside.

As always, wear skeeter spray and watch out for poison ivy.