Leaf me alone!  LbNA # 46632

OwnerGrasshopper Gang    
Placed DateApr 16 2009
LocationBoardman, OH
Found By Jennyfrmtheblok
Last Found May 5 2012
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Leaf Me Alone!

Have you ever seen a flying squirrel? Well you might if you decide to look into this letterbox.

Go to Boardman Park near the shopping plaza with Target and Kohls. Go the the back side of the park near Cester Log Pavilion. You will see the main walking trail with large wooden sign. The trail is known as Sugarhouse Nature Trail. Start down the trail and take the first trail you come to that branches to the right. The trail will bend right then soon after to the left. Continue and it will bend to the left again, ignore the trail that branches off to the right. Your trail will continue and wind to the right. You may notice a small Eagle Scout marker to the right but you need to stay on the trail to the left ignoring the trail to the right. Your trail continues on and bends slightly left. You may see alot of carvings in the trees in this area if you look closely. Up ahead you will come to the "Flying Squirrel Station" on you right. Face the sign describing the squirrels. There will be a bench to your right. While standing facing away from the trail stand to the right of that bench. You should see a Flying Squirrel House up in a tree in front of you. You will need to walk 25 paces to the left of that tree. When you pass the tree with the house in it you will also see a medium sized bolder with moss growing on it. Approx. 12 feet foward and to the left of that bolder is a tree. Look at the backside of that tree. It is hollow. The prize you are searching for is inside. Please contact me when you return from the search. This is moderate difficult search depending on your age and experience. Good luck.