Mr. and Mrs. Inch  LbNA # 46648 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDragonfly Wing    
Placed DateApr 14 2009
LocationBrentwood, TN
Found By D & J
Last Found Apr 30 2009
Hike Distance?

Mrs. Inch Is still alone,
In a tree stump she sits and waits..
Now, what happened next you will learn when you head along Moores Lane W. which is Lynnwood way;
From 65S turn in right and right again up to the overlook


Mrs. Inch will be waiting for his return.
But long she waited, and longer still,
And he came not back again.

But longer she waited, and longer still,
With doubt and muckle pain.
But woe were the hearts of her kin,
For he came not back again.

Then she grew alarmed for lack of his return
and— incheddddddddd
Her way down the hill and up the hill
to the other side
Where the towers they stood tall.
With more aplomb than many a worm,
to the back of the parking lot.

Down the gravel road she did go
to the back corner of the fence,
Where the round tower stood straight and tall,
She veered left into the woods.

She inched her way about 60 steps
Along the path that had been worn down
On her right way up in the sky,
Two towers red and white,
She looked to her left and saw a tree,
a tree in the shape of a “V” and moaned “where is he”

She yelled

'Open from within;
Let me in! Let me in!'
Is my husband Mr.Inch in there?

With no reply she continued on
from the tree in the shape of a “V”, for 20 steps down
to the log in the way,

She yelled

'Open wide, open wide.
My husband is he inside.'

'Open wide, open wide.
Please let me inside.'

With no reply the choice was hers to go around
or over like a worm,
So over she went to the biggest tree of the stand of three
and to the other side,

She yelled
'Open fast, open fast,
Let me in at last.

'Open fast, open at last,
And her husband she did find!

With a kiss and a hug
Along they went home
Never to be apart again!