Aurantia Park Series #2 (Old Sycamore)  LbNA # 46667

Placed DateApr 14 2009
CountySan Bernardino
LocationHighland, CA
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Mar 9 2010
Hike Distance?

Old Sycamore Box

*****NOTE: WATCH FOR SNAKES!!******* Rattlesnakes are common in this park, especially during warm weather. Walk with a "snake stick" and probe possible hiding areas with it. Make lots of noise as you walk and step onto rocks, not over them.

Finding Aurantia Park

In Redlands take the 210 West from the 10 fwy. Exit 5th street and go East (right.) Fifth street will become Greenspot Road. Pass the Stater Brothers shopping center. When the housing ends on the left hand side look for the sign for the park (also on the left hand side . ) It comes up quickly..if you miss it turn around and come back to it. The park is a combination of park, dog park, orange groves and natural area. A nice but possibly hot place for picnics!

• Start at the grassy area just north of the parking lot.
• Find the path that goes north along the dog park’s fence.
• Walk along this path to the north until you reach another path that crosses the one you are on.
• Turn left and follow the path.
• Stop at a big boulder with two rocks next to it, one on either side.
• (Beyond this rock you will see a big, old sycamore tree. That’s what a sycamore tree looks like.)
• Look behind the rock that’s on the left side of the boulder.
• The letterbox is hidden behind this rock, under a much smaller rock and some leaves.

This is one of four boxes placed by Den 9 Wolves of Cub Scout Pack 112. The boys made the stamps.