Winnebago Summer Camp  LbNA # 46671 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 18 2009
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 20 2012
Hike Distance?

You'll find this letterbox in a Madison park
that is surrounded on three sides by a tiny Village
which first served as the summer camp to the Winnebagos.
This Village is, in turn, surrounded on three sides
by the City of Madison.

Its a place of beginning and end for many day voyages,
using nothing but the wind to make the skipper's way.

Its also a favorite amongst many for watching
the last minutes of each day slip slowly away.

Begin at the point where history tells you of the place
where the Winnebagos buried their ancestor's bones.

Follow the flight path to the sandy beach and
take a few steps toward the vessels that launch at the stones.

Stop at the first tree and you will see
another effigy of a sort,
but buried beneath that pile of stones you will find,
that object that brought you to this port.

Kindly rebury the letterbox beneath the stones when you leave.