Rescue the Princess!  LbNA # 46680

OwnerHalf a Dozen    
Placed DateApr 19 2009
LocationLakeway, TX
Found By 4 Bow
Last Found Mar 24 2012
Hike Distance?

Help Rescue the Princess from the Dragon!

Lakeway, Texas, located outside Austin on the shores of Lake Travis is a tranquil, quiet community. But within the city is a park named after a fire breathing creature. That park is Dragon Park! Who would ever guess such a creature resides on the very grounds that unassuming parents send their children to play everyday? It is a challenge of enormous proportions but you will be richly rewarded when you find this letterbox!

If you dare enter this challenge follow these directions: Your adventure begins on RR 620. If you are coming from the direction of Mansfield dam you will travel south on RR 620 and turn right onto Lohmans Crossing Rd. Coming from the direction of Highway 71 and traveling north on RR 620 you will turn left onto Lohmans Crossing Dr. At the stoplight turn left onto Lakeway Blvd./World of Tennis Blvd. At the 4-way stop turn right onto Lakeway Dr. Continue on Lakeway Dr. until you go past Live Oak Golf Course. Turn left at Dragon Dr. At the top of the hill take the left “Y”. Eventually you will come upon Dragon Park on your left, enter and park you car.

Once you exit your car cast your gaze over the park where the children run amuck and look for the green net where players pass a ball back and forth in the air. Walk towards the right pole of the net. Across the park is an area where America’s favorite pastime is played. Gravitate that way landing on the pitcher’s spot. Look towards the right side of the lowest section of fence and notice a clump of five Live Oak Trees. Walk to the trees. Under a pile of rocks, within the clump of trees, lies your worst enemy, the fire breathing dragon.

Please be sure to replace the letterbox as you found it to preserve it for future dragon hunters!