Bonny Shroom  LbNA # 46716

Placed DateApr 20 2009
CountySanta Cruz
LocationSanta Cruz, CA
Planted ByShyly Skyward    
Found By sun7flour
Last Found Dec 29 2013
Hike Distance?

Bonny Shroom!

This letterbox is in a beautiful place I discovered on my adventures. You will not be disappointed!


Drive North from Santa Cruz up Hwy. 1
It will be a few miles before you reach the place to park
Pass Wilder Ranch, pass Jameo Ln. and several other roads and call boxes.
You are looking for Laguna Rd. to the Rt. (East).
It loops around to a parking lot. No need to take the first entrance to the road. Coming down a hill, you will see the dirt parking lot up on the right(East) side of the road where Laguna Rd. Comes out on the other end. Park in this lot.


*Please Be Very Careful! You are going to cross the hwy now. Look both ways. Wait until there are no cars in sight!
*Walk across road to No Parking Any Time sign.
*Walk South and take the little trail on the right into the woods.
*Through enchanted forest and across the train tracks you go.
*Move forward along the trail, past brown beach access sign. Don’t be afraid! So much beauty awaits you ahead.
*Travel down through the loveliness.
*Pause to admire the view of the ocean in the distance.
*Trail narrows down hill. Continue!
*Come to clearing with ivy and big, beautiful, magic tree.
*Continue up small incline along path.
*Just past big rocky knoll on right, spy enchanted tree, branching off to all sides.
*Stand in the center of trees branches.
*Face the ocean.
*Look down. A small portion of root can be seen coming up from the ground.
*Kneel. Under the right side of the root, hidden behind some rocks is what you are seeking!
*Continue on path a little further, to sit at the beautiful ocean and view contents of letterbox.
*Watch for passers by and hide again well, adding rocks if necessary.
*Walk back to your vehicle, knowing that you are a great adventurer, and full of life!

Love always,
Shyly Skyward & Kairos the Beat Harvester