Liberty Theater Eagle  LbNA # 46741

Placed DateApr 17 2009
LocationJerome, AZ
Planted ByOld2AK    
Found By JoeRay
Last Found Mar 24 2021
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If you stand on the stone steps across the street from Paul and Jerry's Bar on Main Street in Jerome, Arizona and scan the skyline, you'll see two large urns perched atop a historic building. This is the old Liberty Theater, which originally opened in 1918. It featured silent movies and vaudeville acts until its closing in 1929.

The theater was built to seat 536 people. Tickets were purchased at the front ticket booth for 20 to 30 cents, the cheaper seats being the balcony. Patrons would then walk down an outside walkway and enter the theater at the rear of the building. The stage and orchestra pit were located on the first floor. The dressing rooms for the vaudeville actors were on the second floor.

After the theater closed, the downstairs was converted into the Liberty Cafe. In the 1960's, it became a retail and antique shop; the upstairs area remained unchanged. Today, a gift shop graces the entrance of the Liberty Theatre; old cameras and movie-making equipment highlight the Cinema Museum.

Stand in front of the gift shop/museum and look up. On the face of the building you'll see the word LIBERTY (though the Y is missing); above it, a decorative eagle once soared. You can find a representation of that noble bird in the Liberty Theater Letterbox a short walk away:

Head downhill from the museum to the end of the block and turn left onto a gravel road. Amble along the road until there are no more buildings above you and start looking for a natural gas pipeline warning post. If you come to a crumbling flight of stairs going up the hill, you've gone too far.

The letterbox is hidden behind an orangeish-colored rock—one of a row of four rocks all about the same size—in a thigh-high crevice in the rock wall, about 4' past the warning post.