Oil Rich Cemetery  LbNA # 46751

Placed DateApr 10 2009
LocationHawkins, TX
Found By Children of the Forest
Last Found Apr 23 2011
Hike Distance?

Hawkins was a community as early as the 1870s when workers camped there. Legend says that a worker named Hawkins carved his name on a tree marking the spot where he camped. The name stuck. Soon a post office and school were present.

Hawkins residents were "promised" by prospectors that lots of oil existed under the surface, but the town remained dry as other oil fields in neighboring counties gushed. Finally, oil was tapped just north of town as well as at a downtown derrick. Hawkins was a boomtown overnight. The prospectors were right; there was plenty of oil in southeast Wood County. One resident turned down as much as $60,000 cash plus $1 million drilling rights for a 1 1/4 acre in town. The town quicly became populated with prospectors and roughnecks. Humble Oil moved into town and set up a permanent camp for their workers. There is still an Exxon refinery just north of town that processes much of the oil drawn from local wells. At one time, the Hawkins City Cemetery was listed as one of the richest cemeteries in the world because it sits upon a particularly rich oil deposit. And that is where this box takes you.

From the intersection of FM 14 and US 80, go north one block to Blackbourn Street. Turn right (east). After a few blocks you will see the cemetery on the left. Turn into the first gate - this is the older section of the cemetery. You can open the gate and drive in. Drive into the second walled area and stop at the gazebo. Look east and see a plot for Foeh (pronounced Fay) at 32 steps east. Facing the back side of that monument, look northeast to a very large hackberry tree. Go 30 more paces to the tree. The box is buried between the old rock wall and the large tree under two large rocks. Enjoy.