Along the Riverwalk  LbNA # 46759

Ownerhappy days    
Placed DateApr 20 2009
LocationAstoria, OR
Found By tgjamin
Last Found Jan 9 2010
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BOX #1 HAS BEEN SWALLOWED BY THE RIVER, AND #2'S HIDING SPOT WAS DESTROYED BY A FIRE. I WILL WORK ON GETTING THESE REPLACED BEFORE THE SUMMER STARTS!! 1/10/11 To find box #1 begin at the Seamen's Memorial in Astoria. If your truly observant you may just notice the gigantic concrete support of Astoria's very own "Bridge to the World". To proceed go to corner of the base that best describes this corner of the country(could it be southwest? the northeast?) once you have made your decision, stand at that corner and face the river, Take 12 good sized steps toward the water but not so good sized that you fall in. You should be "on the brink". Very carefully step over the ledge and turn around. in front of you are three options: a green english curtain, a large stone in the middle, and a "family of stones", papa, mama, and the kids. Your reward is only one clue away "Mom Rocks!" Once you've replaced "Bridge to the World", head eastward up the river walk. be on the lookout for these landmarks, 2 trolley stops, one bench, two bridges, and one lonely overgrown robot in the water with an unblinking eye staring at you. Once you've past these markers you will see a wooden avenue built over the river with shops on each side, leading to a tower with an awesome view. After enjoying the air up there head back down and explore the various educational plaques, until you find the Treacherous Barrier, very, very carefully and without drawing too much attention(if kids are a long an adult is highly recommended) reach up and under the treacherous barrier and you'll find box #2 held securely in place by velcro(at least we hope its still there it hasn't fallen yet). After a pleasant stamp swap place it back with just as much covert care. Now as long as you are not too tired the best stamp lay just ahead (and by just ahead we mean about 1.5 miles ahead.) Keep track by noting these landmarks, a building painted with people from a different time, a quick bio on Elihu Vasbinder, a pleasantly camouflaged dumpster, another quick bio for mrs. Gertrude Cochrane, a boat with a fish that spells its name(steadfast), an anchor, a bell to ring, a huge chain followed by an even larger chain, a coast guard boat quite out of place, trail rules a train station, some signs to help you better identify the vessels of the Columbia river, a mysterious stone hut. An old cannery known to locals as Big Red. A giraffe that has strayed a bit too far from africa, and if you've counter 18 benches and 7 trolley stops you're ALMOST THERE! Hear the barking, pass the Pier & head toward the boat ramp, find a blue box along the way regarding the buoyancy of children, then stop. Take 40 steps to the east, find something that belongs to the ground but is instead high and dry. Turn left and take 6 steps. At the end of this long white tree bone, behind all the dandelions, up and underneath, covered with rocks, you will find the King of the Sea. Congratulations!! don't forget to say hi to the real thing right up the pier.