Sorrow  LbNA # 46776

Placed DateApr 23 2009
LocationHenry, IL
Found By goofy86
Last Found Feb 24 2013
Hike Distance?

There is a small, curious old cemetery at the northernmost edge of Henry, IL. I drive by it frequently and I have wanted to place a box here for some time. One day I stopped to look around and found the cemetery to be even more unusual up close. For being right out on the main road, this is the saddest looking place. Take a good look around and you will probably agree. One unusual thing is there are so many markers on the other side of the "fence". Very strange... Also the cemetery has no name as far as I can see. The markers are old, pre-1900's, and there are many examples of traditional artwork common to that time. I like old cemeteries and have always wondered what the different pictures on the stones mean. I just discovered this website which explains many of them: The most popular symbol present in this place became my inspiration for this box.

Clues: Check the perimeter for "Louisa, aged 28 years". My deepest sorrow rests very close to her.