Feelin Green  LbNA # 46784

OwnerThe Prancers      
Placed DateApr 22 2009
LocationOskaloosa, IA
Found ByGeorge of The Zoo (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 5 2009


Go East on Hwy 92 until Hwy 23 follow that until you reach Burlington Street and go east until Center. Take a left and stop at the Univerity park Community Center. Take a ride down the slide, go yippy on the swings, shoot some hoops or hit a homerun. Don't monkey to long on the monkey bars and proceed to the North small picnic area and relax if you want. Follow the sidewalk to the left, but not to the right. On your left is a broken tree, there you will find the surprise. WE HAVE CHECKED AND THE LETTERBOX IS MISSING SORRY