Angel's Hobby  LbNA # 46788

Ownerangel treads    
Placed DateApr 24 2009
LocationFarmington, ME
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found Sep 25 2015
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Angel's Hobby

Find your way to Flint Woods. At the trail head, turn right. You are following the yellow marked trail. At the 5th yellow mark,which is a double blaze, look right into the woods. Find a group of three - 2 leaning birches and 1 pine. Box #1, Angel of Winter, lies below and behind the pine. Blue ink please! Return to the trail. Soon you will come upon a "Y" in the trail. Follow trail to the "Old Wells". Very soon you will see a troll bridge straight ahead. Leaving the trail, walk towards and then past this bridge, keeping it to your right. Jump the first small creek. Do not jump the second! Head right to two trees. Box #2, Angel of Spring, can be found under "No Fishing Please", covered with bark and debris. Green ink for this one. Return to orange marked trail. Not too far ahead, be looking to your right, off the trail, for a tree with exposed roots. Here awaits Box #3, Angel of Summer, under bark and rocks. Purple ink please. Back to the trail. Continue walking the trail. You will be able to see the parking area once again. Take a right onto the "West Trail". Cross the troll bridge, and walk around the water hole to the right. Ahead of you, you will notice a knarled and bent birch. Look right to the double trunks. Box #4, Angel of Fall and the logbook await your pleasure. She would prefer orange ink, please!
Please rehide all boxes better than you found them and re-zip the bags. This is a highly used trail at all times of year. If you come in spring or summer, be sure to bring plenty of bug spray. Please contact us when you find the boxes and let us know of their well-being. Have fun on this easy trail!