SKYBOX -1  LbNA # 46809 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 18 2009
Found By Lollypop
Last Found Apr 20 2014
Hike Distance?

John Chestnut Sr. Park
2200 East Lake Road
Palm Harbor, FL 34685

1. Look around - you'll think your in heaven, start at John Chestnut Park Shelter #11.

2. Face the shelter, look to the left, go to the 1st Big Pine Tree - you'll see.

3. From the Pine tree, look to the east - it has lots of branches... it looks like a beast (hint: 30 paces to tree).

4. Once there look for the sign, you better stop or you'll be fined.

5. From the road you have a choice to make, is it right, is it left, don't anticipate.

6. Cross the road (be careful) and look to the north, you'll see some parking keep on and go forth.

7. At the end of the parking lot bear a little bit right, then walk 50 steps north to two 5 foot poles in sight.

8. From the two poles you'll see a path in front, keep on going - to be blunt.

9. Once at the path, take a right (heading north) once more, you'll see "2200" for sure.

10. Follow the trail to the road crossing with care, take the path less traveled, if you dare. It's not left and not right, and is not on high wood, if you choose correctly the journey will be good.

11. Up above are powerlines with birds, so be keep your head low and use only soft words.

12. As the new trail bends right you should keep on walking, look for the chain link fence... can you hear skybox talking?

13. At the beginning of the fence you will find a pole, take 35 paces right you'll have achieved your goal.

14. To a group of palmettos, under a few palm leaves, your treasure awaits... so stamp in our book and let us know you are GREAT!