SKYBOX # 2  LbNA # 46832

Placed DateApr 26 2009
Found By Florida Sunsets
Last Found Sep 7 2009
Hike Distance?

Skybox #2
start... Sand Key Park, Clearwater, FL

1. At Shelter # 2 is where it all starts -look for large hill if you are smart

2. Now look for a bench up in the sky and sit on it and ponder why?

3. Go to brother bench at the bottom of the hill and see if you can spot an armadillo.

4. Take the white path winding to the Y head west on trail and say "oh my"

5. Look for a terminate hill that's fun to play with so give it a try to delay this ....

6. Back on the trail, see the "trail sign " but do the opposite and it will be just fine...

7. Now you must repeat after me, while going 55 paces - hold hands with a family member and sing
"go to the races"... (or lion and tigers and bears oh my)

8. Look for a tree of many roots not on the ground but at least two feet (inside) - there you will find what you seek - so stamp
away, stamp away but be discreet!