Mr. Bow Wow  LbNA # 4684

Placed DateJul 4 2003
LocationArlington, VA
Found By(hidden)


Where: Lubber Run. The parking lot is located N. Columbus St and 2nd St Arlington. There is an Amphitheater, creek, trails, and picnic tables. Box is ~6 minute walk from Car.

The art for this stamp was drawn by Elizabeth a 6th grader at the private school I work. She named it and she picked the park. I hope you enjoy Mr. Bow Wow.

Head towards the Amphitheater, and down the path on the left. You will see a tree in the middle of the path you are in the right direction.

Keep going past the bathrooms on the left.

Pass the wooden bridge on the right.

Look for a brown park sign on the left, just before the
trail heads up a steep hill.

At the second large tree on the left of the path after
the park sign Stop

Take a baring of 74 degrees

15 steps up the hill from the trail leads you to a large tree
Behind the tree under a rock, sticks, and bark is what you

Trail get very busy please rehide well.