The Safari- SummerGrove  LbNA # 46851

Placed DateApr 26 2009
LocationNewnan, GA
Planted ByMic's LB    
Found By BrewHiker
Last Found Jun 13 2009
Hike Distance?

The animals got loose. Can you help us find them? Start at the intersection of Oak Park Way and Oak Park Square, located off SummerGrove Parkway( From the intersections, the monkeys decided to headed for the largest tree in the entire park. Can you find them? (look southeast from the starting intersection) It took one monkey 37 steps to get to the tree. The larger monkey took 44 steps. But after arriving at the big play tree, the monkeys spotted the monkey bars!!! They headed southwest - 68 little monkey steps and 44 Gorilla steps. At the monkey bars, the met an elephant that trying to find the tree that didn't know which way to grow. The group headed south/southeast 69 Big Papa elephant steps or 90 smaller monkey steps and finally arrived at the confused tree. There they met a zebra named Freddy. Freddy was in search of the tree at the top of the grassy knoll. Together, they headed south/southeast to the top of the hill 54 elephant steps but the smaller zebra took 69 steps. From the top of the knoll, they spotted their friend Mr. Lion. From the knoll, the group decided to seek shelter from the blistering sun - and headed south/southeast 56 smaller zebra steps and 48 larger lion steps to a place that had two trees and two rocks. There they found a letter box. Find the box and get autographs from the lion, zebra, and elephant. the monkeys split for a few bananas - but don't worry about them - they're just monkeying around!