Wild Rides Series  LbNA # 46857 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 8 2009
LocationDeep River, CT
Planted Bytko    
Found By butterfly
Last Found Jan 8 2012
Hike Distance?

This series is hidden in Canfield Meadow Woods, to get to the trail head take Route 9 to exit 4, head north on 154 toward Deep River center, the trail head is less than a mile up the road on the right, across from the Deep River Market. The hike is moderately hilly but we managed on the hottest April day in recent memory, dogs are welcome but please leave your steeds at home (bikes and horses are not allowed on these trails) this is a very short hike. These boxes are BYOI (bring your own ink) the stamps are some of our favorites, though the theme is somewhat ahem, tenuous.

From the trail head make your way along the Yellow trail, crossing the train tracks with care and heading into the woods. At the pine forest take the center path remaining on the Yellow trail, you will make your way around some boulders and bends and then uphill, passing a three trunked tree on the left and a ship-prow shaped rock with a commanding view. As you reach the steepest part of the hill look up and to your right and find the tall beech tree growing out of and around a large pile of boulders, when you become even with this tree make your way off trail, directly beyond this pile of boulders is one large boulder, behind the tip of this boulder is your first box (this is by far the hardest box to find in this series and is quite a ways off trail).

After stamping in and re-hiding this box carefully, make your way back to the yellow trail and continue uphill to the trail junction. At the junction take the center (Yellow) trail up through the boulder gap just through the gap find the boulder mountain on the other side with a fallen tree at its base. Follow this fallen tree to its end, to the left and above you will find a second standing tree, inside the hollow of this tree find box number two.

Continue on the Yellow trail, the path will take you downhill along a rock wall for a short while before reaching a second trail junction. At the junction make a left onto the Red trail. Follow the red trail as it passes the foundation of an old house and a large vernal pool. The trail will make a left hand bend around a prominent boulder mountain, just past this boulder pile on the right hand side of the trail you will notice another, smaller boulder pile, at the base of this pile is a tree with a trap door rock at its base. You will find the box number three behind this trapdoor. Please re-close the trapdoor carefully to conceal it from the trail.

For the fourth box, continue on the Red trail back to the signpost near the Gap. Take the Blue Overlook trail straight ahead and uphill through the mountain laurel. Follow the Blue trail to the top of the hill where it makes a sharp right turn. Carefully make your way downhill past two prominent rocks on your right. At the second large rocky outcrop there is a sign with a number 16. A dozen paces downhill and across the trail you will see a large fallen tree. At the base of this tree is a still standing tree with a small strand of very old rusty barbed wire growing through it. Under the rock, behind this tree, is the forth box.

These boxes are quite close to home for us and therefore easy to maintain or move if needed, if you notice a problem with the clues or the boxes please drop us an e-mail so we can get out and fix them up. Thanks. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.