Stamp in Every State: New Mexico Pug  LbNA # 46880

OwnerAstro D    
Placed DateApr 26 2009
CountySanta Fe
LocationSanta Fe, NM
Found ByChildren of the Forest
Last UpdateAug 17 2011

This box is part of a series by pugnasties, Stamp in Every State. I volunteered to hide their wonderful box in New Mexcio. I tried to choose an other-worldly spot for their other-worldly pug!

Driving Directions:
Start at the intersection of NM 599 and Airport Rd. Head west on Airport Rd. for 3.4 miles. You will pass the turn-off to the Santa Fe airport, the water tanks at the Santa Fe waste facility, the Santa Fe Horse Park, and a sign for the National Guard's Camel Tracks Field Training Site. You may notice along the way that the street name changes from Airport to Paseo Real to CR 56. After your 3.4 miles, you should see a fenced dirt parking area on your right. Park in here.

From the parking area, walk past the BLM post on the dirt trail which leads towards the barbed wire fence and the escarpment. When the trail splits, follow arrow to the left and follow trail along the fence line. Continue on this trail for a few minutes until you cross a small gulley and the arrow on the post directs you uphill to continue following the fence line. Follow arrows and trail for another minute or two until you get to a break in the fence.

Go through the break in the fence and follow the path uphill for 45 paces. Look to your left (south) for large lichen-covered boulder at the base of a small juniper. Box is under N side of boulder's edge behind a rock. Please rehide carefully when you're done.

If you continue up the trail to the black rocks above, you will find a wealth of petroglyphs. This is a protected antiquities site so please be respectful. Have fun exploring the area and keep an eye out for snakes.

Note: The nearby Camel Tracks Site is a training area for the National Guard and if you hear gunfire in the distance, that is where it is coming from! Another interesting note is that there are actual fossilized camel tracks in the area - they were shown on an old map I had. I hear they have been taken off of maps to protect them from onlookers.