The Short and Winding Trail  LbNA # 46882

Placed DateApr 26 2009
LocationCastalia, OH
Found By Princess Sally
Last Found May 23 2015
Hike Distance?

To locate this letterbox, park in the lot on the north side of OH-101, cross the road, and follow the trail into the park. To your left, you will see a small sign that shows the way to the scenic overlook. Follow the path, looking for a sign indicating the Winding Woods trailhead. The Winding Woods trail is a .4 mile branch that meanders off the main Quarry Rim trail through a hilly wooded area before rejoining with the main trail. This newer path was built by Jim Mears for his Eagle Scout project, with the help of other volunteers.

Follow the path into the woods! To your right, you will notice three large limestone boulders—there are a lot of those at this quarry ;) Soon you will see a smallish sign pointing the different paths for hikers and bikers. Mountain biking is permitted at Castalia Quarry Reserve with a permit. Choose your route up the hill, then look for two more large chunks of limestone. Standing between them, you will see that one has a tree beginning to grow around it. The other boulder is just really close to the other tree. Where this tree and rock are really close makes a nice shelter to hide a letterbox. I hid this box on an 86° April day, and the stamp inside shows what i was wishing for after walking around the quarry for a while :)

After finding the box, you can go back the way you came. Or, if you are in the mood for more walking, continue down the trail to see a bridge built by Jim Mears for his Eagle project. Around the bend, the path passes between two more overgrown pebbles and up some stairs. Atop the stairs, you are close to the end of the .4 mile trail. Where Winding Woods rejoins the Quarry Rim trail, turn left to continue on to the Scenic Overlook or right to return to parking.

Thanks to the Erie Metroparks for allowing letterboxes and geocaches in their parks!!

Unlike my other letterboxes, this one is *not* crosslisted at This one is just for the letterboxers!