Meeting Waters  LbNA # 46894 (ARCHIVED)

Owner2 bentriders    
Placed DateApr 26 2009
LocationRoseburg, OR
Found By Peter & MJ
Last Found Jun 18 2011
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Meeting Waters Letterbox clues

Start at the River Forks Douglas County Park, which is a wonderful day use park at confluence of North and South Umpqua rivers.

Location: 380 River Forks Park Road, Roseburg, OR 97471

Directions to the park: Travel west of Roseburg on Garden Valley Blvd, three miles, cross the North Umpqua River, turn left on Old Garden Valley Road, travel two miles, turn left on River Forks Park Road.

Begin your search by walking near to the place where you can see the confluence of the North and South Umpqua Rivers. Enjoy this special site where these two big rivers meet.

If you’re properly standing close to the river level, now walk in a northerly direction and up the bank to higher ground. Find the place where children may play and imagine themselves on a helicopter ride. From there, make your way to the front gate of great fort. Now, look for a big green land turtle. Standing at the head of the turtle, take a compass reading of 250 degrees and walk 18 steps in that direction. You should now be standing at the top of a short path that takes you back down to river level. When you reach the lower level, walk 65 steps in an upstream direction and look for a large tree with “octopus legs” reaching down into the soil. Standing near this tree, walk an additional 33 steps in the same direction (upstream) and look to your left for a tree that holds the Meeting Waters Letterbox!

Please be sure to carefully hide the box again and cover with small river rocks…this area can get busy in the summer with families enjoying the Umpqua River.