Island Pride Cane Syrup  LbNA # 46918

Placed DateApr 22 2009
Location???, FL
Planted ByNeonPeon    
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Island Pride Cane Syrup

Rare black soil peppered with shells
bought with quit rights fair and square.
Where I grew cane on Chatham’s bend
a box is hidden there.

No see-ums will feast upon you
mosquiters will take their portion,
but you will spy where the box is found
if you proceed with caution.

Not where I made my syrup thick,
not near my transportation,
start near the coast in parallel
through hanging vegetation.

Down this path four obelisks stand
the second stone fallen over;
that squatter’s wife was much the same
when I drew a bead on her.

Five paces past this first group
seek out a group of three,
upon your left they’re nestled close
deep in the shade of a tree.

You’ll find amongst this second group
the box a little hidden
(my corpse too was anchored well
noose round neck worm ridden)

Under unshaped rock the box secured
from wind and beast undaunted
If you set it back, rock atop
I may leave you unhaunted.

If you tourists do not heed these words
as squatters did before,
I’ll simply add a ghostly shell
who will notice just one more?