Old Yeller's Territory  LbNA # 46923 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 28 2009
CountyBlack Hawk
LocationCedar Falls, IA
Planted ByJammerJ    
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Hike Distance?

Ok, So let me Get Started. First, you must find the Forever Forest in Viking Hills area. To get there, you must find the Defending NBA Champions, ( In 2008 ) street. Then, find the intersection of the two roads where that certain street is. Walk up to that certain cultasac at the end of the road intersecting the NBA Cahmpions road and then turn left. Walk up until you are about to exit Viking Hills, then turn right and walk past the construction area into Old Yeller's Territory. The box is in the same forest that Treasure in a Trunk is, but it is about a mile south. I decided to make this one hard, but if you can find the box first, there is about 100$ worth of prizes in there, so to my fellow friends at Southdale, get looking.