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Head in the Clouds  LbNA # 46951 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 29 2009
CountyBlack Hawk
LocationCedar Falls, IA
Planted ByJammerJ    
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance?

Ok today was the day my head was in the clouds like an idiot and hit my head on the edge of a cupboard because I was thinking of different things, my head was in the clouds.

First, you must find Viking Hills ( Again ). Find the Trail leading down to the bridge. Walk across the bridge and up to the bench "0 5 K 77." on the other side of the bench, there is a trail. Walk through it until you see a group of small trees to your left. Walk to the group of trees and find a clearing of tan grass. Start your search there, and make sure your Head isn't in the Clouds....

P.S. - The box is some odd Game Boy Advance case. ( I found it there. So i used that. )