Wigwam Hotel -- Nakii  LbNA # 46955

Placed DateApr 24 2009
LocationHolbrook, AZ
Planted Bylookin4moose    
Found By Tepee-AZ
Last Found Sep 2 2012
Hike Distance?

This box was planted while lookin4moose and time2retire (of MA fame) toured AZ and NM via "Old Rte. 66" and as part of "Rocky Mountain Plant-a-box" month. Thanks Astro D for sharing!

The coming of the automobile expanded America's ideas of recreation and leisure. Unlike the train, auto touring was part of a vacation. In the early 1920's driving and staying in a cabin or cottage made traveling easy and fun. The tiny individual cabins often showcased the attractions of the region: mock colonial houses in the northeast, adobe huts and wigwams in the southwest. Chester E. Lewis had several cabin/motels along Rte. 66 in the 30's. While on a road trip to KY, he saw his first Wigwam Village. The idea of families staying in a teepee was a great marketing strategy. America of the 30's, 40's and 50's was in love with everything "western". Wigwam motels offered a fun way to see the great outdoors while purchasing locally made gifts for the folks back home. Only three of the original motels still remain: Holbrook; Cave City, KY; and Rialto, CA. Holbrook's motel is a true American icon. You can still enjoy the thrill of staying in a teepee, just like those families of yesteryear.
Pixar used Rte. 66 and the motel as a setting for its movie, "Cars". Several cars in the movie were based on some of the classic cars parked in front of each wigwam. Look for the mid 50's Chevy one ton wrecker tow truck "Mater", the 1951 Hudson Hornet "Doc Hudson" and the late 50's Chevy Impala "Flo".

To find the box: Head to the corner of W. Hopi Drive and 7th Ave. Turn onto 7th. Go to the north side of the second large bush and find a small bush. Under the small bush under SPOR you'll find your prize. You can score a "2 fer" by looking for "Sleep in a Wigwam" at this same location.

"Get Your Kicks on Rte. 66"