Sophia's Crandall Walk  LbNA # 46979

Placed DateApr 30 2009
LocationTolland, CT
Planted ByAdnerb    
Found By Goldenleaf
Last Found Mar 28 2013
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Sophia's Hike

A nice short walk that should take about 30 minutes total. Good for a family that can carry kids or have them walk with you.

Park at Crandall Lodge in Tolland CT.

Sophia loves to walk by the lake and through the woods following the yellow path.

First things Sohpia likes to do on the walk it do walk behind Crandall to the boat launch and toss pebbles at the fish to scare them.

While she's facing the lake, she looks to her right and sees a small bridge going over a tiny stream, although to her it's a river! What Fun!

We take the bridge and follow the path until we come to a dirt road. She tells me "Mommy, that's the same road we came in on!"

Sophia runs down the road to the right, watching for cars until she sees her yellow path on the opposite side of the road.

"Now we're in the woods mommy!" We follow the yellow path up the hill. Sophia enjoys jumping rock to rock up the path.

Shortly, we come to a split in the trail, Sohpia points to the yellow trail to the left, but what's that on the right? It's a bench placed by the Boy Scouts on the Blue Trail.

Deciding it's time for a snack and a drink, we sit on the bench and enjoy. She looks around at the small trees behind the bench and sees a hollow at the foot of a tree! What a nice place to put a treasure box!

After our treasure hunt, we pick up and head back the way we came.