TiPsY Tee-ToAd-eler  LbNA # 47012

Placed DateApr 9 2009
Found By Ladybug Toucan
Last Found Jul 19 2013
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One of the oldest structures standing in Robertson County, this building once played a major role in the economy of Springfield. Originally built on Hwy 76E, it was owned by Jordan S. Brown in 1880. Brown began to manufacture whiskey under the name Wartrace Distillery. During that time, Robertson County whiskey had a national & international reputation as some of the best whiskey produced in the world. By 1885, Wartrace Distillery produced 27,674 gallons of whiskey. A vote in Springfield in early 1903 brought an end to whiskey's powerful economic force. This action made Springfield 'dry' for the first time in it's over 100-year history.
When the Wartace Distillery closed, this building returned to being a home for tenant farmers, but remained under the ownership of the Brown family until 1973. In 1995, the home was threatened by demolition. Volunteers worked to save and restore it. A year later, it was moved to this park.
Use Mapquest to find:

J. Travis Price Park
4155 Wilks Road
Springfield, TN 37172

This 'whiskey' cabin sits directly across from the playground and lake, being a great opportunity for the kids to play and feed the ducks. (BYOB-'bring your own bread') There is also an excellent paved walking trail. If you happen to come on a Thursday evening during the summer, there is live music at the pavilion starting at 7pm.

As you walk up to the cabin, you will ascend a few steps up to the front porch. The treasure you seek is underneath the steps. As this is a high traffic area, you may want to choose a time to visit the park when there aren't too many people around...or have someone create a distraction while you climb under the porch. ;) Under the porch is NOT enclosed, so there is no dark, scary 'web-by' place that you have to go thru. Nevertheless, you should always use caution when putting your hand under the steps to retrieve the treasure. It is in a ziploc bag to prevent moisture. If this box needs attention, please contact me. This is not a hand-carved stamp, but that will soon change.