Island Lake Letterbox  LbNA # 47027

OwnerMcSherry clan    
Placed DateMay 1 2009
LocationShoreview, MN
Found By Barkie
Last Found Sep 24 2010
Hike Distance?

For an enjoyable walk ~10 minutes, turn from LExington Ave east onto Grey Fox Road, then turn right onto Island Lake Rd and park at the dead end at the back of the Baptist church. From the dead end, proceed south on the path along Lexington until you see a path that leads to the east. Take the path all the way until it dead ends and there is a small dirt path that leads along the south western side of Island Lake.
Proceed on the dirt path just a short way until you see a small path that leads from the lake to the small pond (lake on left, pond on right). Enjoy the wildlife and scenery. You will see a large tree that has 1/2 fallen over. Look to the base of the fallen part and you will find your treasure. Please rehide well.

For a shorter walk, turn from Lexington Ave east onto Grey Fox Rd and then turn left onto Island Lake Rd and proceed to the top where it makes a "T" and then turn right. this is a dead end and you can park at the dead end. This is the start of the dirt path, follow directions above from dirt path.