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The Mystery Rose  LbNA # 47028 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 11 2009
CountySanta Clara
LocationLos Altos, CA
Planted Bypixiedust818    
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Hike Distance?

Shoup Park is located at 400 University Avenue, Los Altos CA 94022.
To see a map, click here:
Drive down the long driveway, there are parking lots at the bottom.

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful young maiden who lived in a cottage on what is now known as Shoup Park. But alas, life was not perfect for this pretty princess and an evil spell had been cast on her as a baby. In order to break the enchantment she was instructed by the evil witch to find a secret rose that had been hidden somewhere in the park on her 16th birthday. Well today was June 15, her birthday. She began at the lamp post that is closest to the parking lot. She then took the path that passes by the restrooms and continued walking along it as she passed a play structure to your right. Soon, she reached a second lamp post and a fork in the road. There is a path to the right that loops all the way around the edge of the park. She didn't take that one. Instead, instead she began walking along the path to the left. She soon reached many choices, but she always made the right one. Now she approached an unfamiliar statue, and on her left she saw a bench. She was very tired from all that walking, so she sat down on the far left end of the bench. As she was admiring the statue, she felt something under her feet. She reached down and behold! It was the mystery rose she had been searching for!