Friends of the Nature Center  LbNA # 47035

OwnerCR8V TRIAD    
Placed DateMay 2 2009
LocationOakdale, MN
Found By (hidden)
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Last EditedOct 16 2015

Begin your search for our friends at the parking lot of the Oakdale Nature Preserve, 4444 Hadley Ave.

A quick note about the stamps: The linoleum blocks have been replaced by rubber stamps on May 17, 2009. Box 1 has the same image as the original block, and box 3 image was changed. Box 2 was replaced 5/28/12 after it disappearred during some buckthorn removal. Please rehide well in the original place. And be careful not to be seen. Happy hunting!

Soon you will find what our friends have in common. Want a hint? If you are visiting in the summer, you will be glad they are around; they all like to eat the same thing.

To find our first friend you will want to head south out of the parking lot on a path that leads you past a restoration project. Then turn west at the T in the path.

Do you hear the frogs?
Do you see the aspen? Hint: green bark
Take the low road.
What is that a fairy hill on my left?
A sign post ahead- do you see a 14?
Continue down the hill, do you hear more frogs? Is it a different kind this time?
See 13, keep going you’re on the right track.
Have you seen any birds? What kind?
See any wood ducks? How about their nesting boxes?
If so, you’re on the right path.
Picnic table at 12- did you pack a lunch?
Number 11, you’re getting warmer. Observe your surroundings you will need to come back here. (May 2012 currently the #11 is missing, but the post stands next to a trash can)
Go past the stump on your right and look closely for a red bird house.
Keep going, could this be it? (look very closely, I almost missed it checking clues) A stump on the left with a hole in the middle- NO, but it would have been a good spot.
Take 28 more steps and look to your left.
A log between two trees with a hollow center is waiting for you. (there is a great deal of buckthorn here now)
Please wait until no one is looking as this is a main path.

This friend likes to nest in colonies. When I was young a neighbor had a house that many nested in. And many farms had houses for them too- they eat a lot!

Please remember to reseal baggies and boxes. Return boxes to their hiding place and hide well, before you continue on your journey.

Return to 11 (trash can) to begin your hunt for our next friend.
Turn around and look to where you just came.
Take the grass/woodchip path to the North.
Go past the red bird house- now on your left.
If there has been a lot of rain you will cross a small stream.
Head around the “S” curve and under a canapé of bending trees.
Keep walking (Merlin’s door has been removed another buckthorn removeal project)
Watch for a tall old lonely centinel on your left. Line your self up with it on your left.
Point directly right.
Look farther, do you see an old tree struggling to live?
See the opening at the base? Looks like a good home to me.
Inside on left, under the bark.

This friend spends most of its life in water as a nymph- smaller varieties spend 2 months to 3 years in this stage, and larger varieties 2 – 5 years. They are adults for only a few months and come in many colors and sizes. They are great fun to see zooming around at up to 60 miles/hour.

Please remember to reseal baggies and boxes. Return boxes to their hiding place and hide well, before you continue on your journey.

On to our last nature center friend- continue down the path.
Take a very sharp turn at the bench.
Up a steep hill and through the tree grave yard- OH some great places to hide.
Keep going. See the tree cradled by his friends?
Cross the land bridge.
More frogs and do you see any red winged black birds?
See the moss wall? (mostly covered now, but by an arrow pointing in two directions)
Cross another land bridge, on past a cluster of bone trees, then around another bend.
Oh no, the path has a fork…take the high road I think.
Go up, go down and up again…but watch for a “V” on your left.
STOP. Take 7 steps back down hill.
To the east you will see a faint deer path.
Follow the path to the triangle of birch.
Look a little further do you see an old tree sleeping on the ground.
Go to its root end and look inside.

This friend can be found at night. If you would like more of these friends to live near you, hang a house in a tree or on your garage for them to live in. There are houses for them in this park. They are mammals and use echolocation to find their food.

To find your car continue up the hill and go east.
Is that the nature center I see?
When you reach the paved path William is to the north, and the car is to the east.

What do our friends have in common? They all eat _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Please remember to reseal baggies and boxes. Return boxes to their hiding place and hide well.