Musical Note  LbNA # 47042

Placed DateMay 2 2009
LocationFarmington, ME
Planted ByMama Bear Maine    
Found By Jiffy
Last Found Nov 28 2009
Hike Distance?

This is Book Worm's first letter box! (Under 13 yrs, so listed by Mama Bear Maine).

Since it is a first letterbox, we wanted to keep it simple with the hope that many would take the time to find it.

"Musical Note" can be found in the small stand of trees beside Merrill Center, the building at the University of Maine at Farmington where beautiful music is played, Nordica Auditorium. If you park at the Merrill Center lot, which is on Academy St just off Main St in Farmington, turn to face the Center, with the UMF theatre on your left and the public library behind you. Start heading down the tarred path away from Merrill with the theatre now on left and you will see a stand of trees, including a large hemlock. The stand is wedged about 250-300 ft from Merrill, the theatre and a white house that houses the UMF Math dept. Leave the path and enter the trees. Just beyond the helmlock, under the shade of its branches, is a big stump. The letterbox "Musical Note" is hidden there under a layer of pine cones and lots of leaves.

You will only be partially hidden from the path which is well travelled during the school year by students. So best to do this in the evening or early morning, or on the weekend as we did when we placed it. Of course in the summer is good as well. I hope you take the time to find this letterbox which would encourage Book Worm, a young, new letterboxer, to keep up this new, exciting and educational hobby! Please let me know if you find it.