Who's On First  LbNA # 47045

OwnerGrasshopper Gang    
Placed DateMay 3 2009
LocationBoardman, OH
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Hike Distance?

Difficult but fun! Should have a compass but may be able to do without.

Kevin Coster was told "If you build it they will come".


Stand on the base that "Who" plays.

Look to "305"

Look two posts to the left of "305". The azimuth is 30 degrees.

35 steps on that azimuth beyond "305" will bring you to the edge.

Be prepared for a cluttered walk. Stay true to the course.

Stay on the same azimuth.

From the edge its 83 steps deep or 100 if you are a munchkin.

The item is in the base of a standing tree that has a large opening in the bottom.