Wapiti Tracks  LbNA # 47056

OwnerWapiti Seekers    
Placed DateAug 1 2008
LocationStanley, ID
Found By freelanderz
Last Found Aug 22 2010
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Wapiti Trails

Begin your adventure in the Bruce Meadows area. Here is where you will find a meadow of money. Keep your eyes open, there are many critters in the area. You can see Elk in the meadows, Deer by the streams, Bears in the burned areas, Wolves howling on the ridge lines, Salmon in the rivers, and Bald Eagles soaring in the air. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Once you get to the Bruce Meadows rest area, head west on forest service road 582. You will pass through a burn area only two years old. Watch on the left and right for Elk and Deer. Head to forest service road 582J and turn left (south). As you head down the road about 200 yards there is a group of trees on the right. Pull over here (be careful not to park in tall grasses as this will start a forest fire). The letterbox will be on the left side of this road. You need to head 31 steps or 15 paces towards three boulders in the field. Near one of these boulders you should find Wapiti Tracks. Once you find this, please hide this well, as there are many adventurers of all kinds heading into this area. Again keep your eyes open, you will see various forms of wildlife.

If you have a GPS, the coordinates to the box are
· N 44 Degrees 20.469 Minutes
· W 115 Degrees 25.500 Minutes

Good luck, please let us know if this box is missing and in need of repair. This box cannot be accessed in winter without snowmobiles. This area gets about five to six feet of snow.

The best times to view wildlife are early morning and late afternoon.

Update * 10/7/2010 * This stamp has been recarved and we placed a first finders artifact in the box. Thanks and happy hunting.