Home Home on The Range #1  LbNA # 47101 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDragonfly Wing    
Placed DateMay 4 2009
LocationFranklin, TN
Found By ST-Ranger
Last Found Feb 26 2012
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Home Home on The Range #1

A Cowboy’s Gear

A cowboys hat his protection,
From the sun and the rain, it’s a must
His boots - they are a part of him
Protect him from the mud and the dust

A bandana tied round his face
His leather duster a second skin
Same ones for every race
No matter what mood he’s in

A blanket under his saddle
Both held on by the girth
Controlling his mount bit and bridle
Bedroll keeps his head from the earth

His stallion a comfort to sit on
It’s value more than it’s worth
The lasso for roping the lone one
Round the neck from the air back and forth

His stirrups for mounting and safety
A rest for his feet as he rides
Silver spurs not for vanity
But guiding his horse by it’s sides

Day dreams when he should be branding
His woman he dreams by his side
If thru all this he’s still standing
He’ll ask her to be his bride

At night a song from the prarie
The cows and horses they low
A lone cowboy’s spirit is merry
Cause today he’s going home
By:Stevy Dillon 2009

Go to Winstead Hill Memorial off Hwy 31 at Mack Hatcher Pkwy. Walk up twelve cement stairs between entry signs. Sign on left says, "This plot of 9 acres..." and sign on the right says "The Franklin Chapter...” Continue up next seven cement stairs with Mississippi Memorial on your right. Continue up next five cement stairs to “The Observation Post”. Once you’ve reached “The Observation Post” cross the porch to the back post and take a compass reading of 240 degrees. What you’re looking for is behind a Honeysuckle bush in the rock ledge under rocks and leaves.
Please re-hide as if it was your own.
Winstead Hill is a beautiful park with an amphitheater planed for the future. Take time to look at the city and map of Battle of Franklin at “The Observation Post”. Please be respectful, leave the Park as it is when you get there. Have fun and happy boxing.