Trails & Tails  LbNA # 47157

Placed DateMay 9 2009
LocationLutz, FL
Planted ByTacy Tortoise    
Found By geo girl
Last Found Apr 3 2013
Hike Distance?

Lake Park, a 600-acre park north of Tampa, features five lakes, playground and picnic areas, an archery range, BMX and RC car tracks, a horse arena, and trails for nature walks and horseback riding. The arena is named after a young girl who loved horses.

Enter the park and turn north at the first intersection. At the fork, head west and follow the road to the next intersection.

Head north. Straight ahead is a gate and a trailhead.

Follow the trail on foot, heading north, to the bridge. Count the number of posts that hold up the railing on the east side of the bridge. Remember this number.

Return to the trailhead and follow the road to the west a short distance until you see “Leslie Lynn Walbolt Memorial Arena.” Go around the west side of the arena and head toward the woods. Follow the edge of the woods to the east until you reach a metal box mounted on a pole.

Follow the fence line to the southeast. As it turns east, count the poles from the corner pole. When you've reached the same number as the posts on the bridge, stop and turn south.

Approximately 20 paces to the south, you'll find a large metal object. Behind it is what you seek.