Sacajawea's Brother  LbNA # 4718

Placed DateJul 10 2003
LocationLivingston, MT
Found By FrogiNater
Last Found Jul 21 2009
Hike Distance?

Note:Dear friends, so sorry to report that several folks have notified me that this ol timer box is gone. Would anyone be interested in adopting the location with another carving and box? Gwen

Following in Lewis and Clark’s footsteps we came upon a lovely park in Livingston named for Sacagawea or Sacajewea. As you may recall from your study of the two explorers a very emotional event happened nearby. The chief of the Shoshones and his men were acting as guides for the courageous expedition and Lewis had been in the company of the chief for several weeks. Clark, Sacajewea and Charbonneu had been out exploring on their own and had arranged to meet the rest of the party at 3 Forks.
Upon her arrival at the rendezvous, Sacajawea realized that the chief of the Shoshones was her brother, whom she had not seen in 5 years, since she had been kidnapped by the Hidatsas. In honor of the happy reunion between brother and sister, a stamp has been placed near Sacajawea Park.

In Livingston starting at the train depot drive towards the depot park and turn left onto Yellowstone Street, aka Sacajewea Park, drive over the stone bridge in the park, passing the tennis courts and the Flag and stone memorial to the men and women who served for Park County in the armed forces. Park near the band shelter and restrooms and walk toward the Yellowstone River levee. Follow the river down stream just a bit til you see a series of diamonds behind fences. Pass now, 1 group of trees,on your left and then at the second small grove of trees on your left, about in the middle of the diamonds you will see that grove of trees is separated with a small path between. Enter the little grove and note that there are 5 trees on one side of the path and 8 trees on the other. Look for a big gray rock in front of a tree on the 8 tree side and then behind the rock and under a few smaller rocks is Sacajawea’s brother waiting for a meeting with you.

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