The Asterisk  LbNA # 47181

OwnerOtis' Friends    
Placed DateMay 10 2009
Location???, MD
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 19 2011
Hike Distance?

Not the Ford Frick one.

In this case, the modern "record breaker" was the one born in Maryland.

Don't get me wrong. I hate that other team (with the exception of the clipper and the guy who set the record) just as much as the next person. But there are significant differences between the two record holders.

Go to the state park north of the new guy's birthplace and begin at the northern trail head of a promising trail. At the #5 intersection, head uphill on the trail with erosion breaks made of logs. After passing through an old stone wall, the trail will head to the left on a mild down slope, before making a gradual right turn and following the wall up hill. When you come to an intersection, rather than passing through the nearby field, turn in the direction of the dominant hitting hand of the new guy. From #6, it's about 20 to 25 paces to a good sized tulip poplar on the right. SPOR. Make sure to snap all four corners of the lid down to keep it watertight.

The stamp is kind of crummy, but the park is not. It has lots of potential for other letterboxes.