Who Are You?  LbNA # 47186 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 9 2009
LocationSaint John, IN
Planted ByJME    
Found By cute searcher
Last Found Jul 19 2009
Hike Distance?

***Currently Missing*****

Tips - Part of the clue includes driving to a park, we donít recommend walking the whole route as there are not sidewalks and it is on a busy street. Once you are at the park, it is a short walk to the box. Very kid friendly, and has a great bike path. Itís a great place to spend an afternoon.

Also, should note this is not a carved stamp at this time.

Find your starting point by subtracting one of your cross streets, 41 (Route that is) from 134. Head south until you see the blue light special and the bulls eye (approx 0.6 miles). At the bulls eye, head toward the sunset. You should now be on 138 minus RT 41. Continue approx 0.5 miles until you come to a street that may be confused with the author of The Little Women. Head south on this street until you see a park on the left hand side. Follow the paved trail, any path will do, until you come to the bridge. Go over the bridge and to the end of the wood railing. Now stray from the path, follow the outside of the railing on the right to the metal foot of the bridge. The letterbox is behind a rock under the foot of the bridge.

Please be discreet and return the box where you found it. Email us at ehomrich@hotmail.com when you find it to let us know the condition of the box, or record your find at atlasquest.com or letterboxing.org