Trillum  LbNA # 47198

OwnerNorth Shore    
Placed DateMay 10 2009
LocationSlippery Rock, PA
Found By North Shore
Last Found Nov 15 2009
Hike Distance?

The Trillium Letterbox starts at the Wolf Creek Narrows Natural Area near Slippery Rock, PA. From I 79 take Rt 108 east. Look for Arrowhead housing development on the left before entering the town of Slippery Rock. (If you get to the traffic light on Main Street, you have gone too far.)Turn left into the development and go straight. At the second stop sign turn left. When you come to a bridge slow down - that will be Wolf Creek Narrows. Drive across the bridge and look for the parking area on the left.

Park in the little parking lot in the pine grove. Walk back across the bridge and find the trailhead on your left. Follow the trail into the woods along the creek. If you are quiet you may see a variety of waterfowl, reptiles, deer and other forest creatures. I would recommend this walk around Mother's Day as this is when the trillium, bluebells, and other spring wildflowers are in full bloom.

Walk down the trail and into the woods. Follow the white marked trail. Stop to appreciate the stone commemorating the life and death of Lucy Jeanne Chalfant. Continue on the trail. WHen you see a double white paint mark,take a LEFT at the first fork. At the next fork you will see a broken tree on the left, but you want to go RIGHT. Start looking to your left for a small ravine heading towards the creek. From that point on the trail, walk 20 more steps and find a huge, double trunked tree on your left. ( You will pass one more white mark on a tree)Walk 10 more steps and look to the right about 15 feet off the trail. There you will see a stump with 3 broken off trees that look like a pipe organ (or, as my kids would say, 3 bars on a cell phone=)Look under the leaves under the crazy root system. Please cover back up with leaves after you find the surprise.After retrieving the box, you may continue this beautiful hike. All the trails circle back to the beginning. Enjoy!