find the turtle  LbNA # 47213

Placed DateMay 10 2009
LocationGold bar, WA
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This is a beautiful hiking area you can find the box in aprox 20 mins but if you have more time continue hiking.

It's Mother's day and she wants to visit the falls and spend time with her family. She finds Wallace falls and packs everyone up including the turtle who loves the forest. They start at the trail head and see that the lower falls are 1.2 miles you wont have to go that far though so continue on the path to the right named Woody trail. Its busy lots of people hiking today, watch to the left for an interpretive sign and the small falls. Its beautiful, follow the planks toward the small falls. To the left there are stairs, follow up until you come across a totem pole of a salmon reaching for the stars, take a sharp left. Keep an eye out for a large hollow tree, inside you will find our turtle friend. if you find him let us know how he's doing. Happy letterboxing

Hint the park is busy when we got there at 230pm the parking lot said full so we parked on the road however when we walked up there was plenty of parking. So either go early or if you go in the aft check the lot even if it says full.