Herkimer Home  LbNA # 47228

Placed DateMay 1 2009
Location???, NY
Planted ByFoothills    
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 5 2009
Hike Distance?


Park in the parking lost of the Herkimer Home. To the right of the Visitor's Center follow the gravel path that is named "Access to Canal Trail." Follow the path bearing to the left (while keeping the monument on the right) keep going as the path curves around the Herkimer Home, down a little hill, and towards the canal. After you pass through the picket fences take your first right and follow until the path starts to winds up the hill and to the right. Start counting the fence posts that border the path and between the ? and ? post there is a cluster of 4 trees just outside the fence, at the base of the cluster is the letterbox.

General Herkimer was of which nationality?
a. English (24th, 25th)
b. French (10th, 11th)
c. German (18th, 19th)
d. Welsh (3rd, 4th)

Using the information in the link provided, answer the question and use the number(s) in parentheses to fill in the missing infromation in the clue.