Spirit of Norway  LbNA # 47258

Placed DateApr 6 2009
LocationNorway, WI
Found By Three Generations
Last Found Nov 3 2014
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Spirit of Norway

*** Some gps systems may make this location as Waterford, Wind Lake or Norway...don't give up, try all three if necessary! :)

The Norway Hill or Norway Lutheran Cemetery has a fantastic history and many unusual monuments. It rest on the top a hill overlooking the setting sun. Feel free to explore the dates and far away places of origin of its many inhabitants.

Park at the bottom of the cemetery hill on the gravel if possible. Walk towards the church on the hill by going under the beautiful iron gate. Continue walking up the drive and stop to read the "Dedicated to our Pioneers" rock below the flags. Continue up the drive past the lamp post.

Turn left to walk between a big "heart" and a carved flower. Continue walking past two "logs," a "stump" and two more "logs" towards the treeline.

Look past Peter's son, Christian's son, John's son, Bendick's son and even Nel's son to see a small lamb resting on top of a headstone. Walk to the animal. Stand with the lamb to your right and the trees in front of you.

See a birdhouse to your right? There is a thick tree the same distance to your left into the woods. The Spirit of Norway lurks at its base beneath a white rock.

Please be careful in the summer as I could see daylilies peeking through the ground near the tree. You may have to walk around a bit to enter the woods without making a trail on the flowers.