Ninja Quest  LbNA # 47275

Placed DateMay 16 2009
LocationVienna, VA
Planted BySensei    
Found By Super Rod
Last Found Feb 8 2013
Hike Distance?

Ninja Quest

Location: North Side Park, end of Glyndon Street

You. A Ninja. On your final test. The hardest test. A test to earnÖ
Your Black Belt

Make your way to the Richard S. Black Trail at the end of Glyndon Street. Follow the trail until you come to a fork then you must go down the older path (It might be as old as your Sensei). Keep going till you come to another fork. There go opposite of right. Go down the path past a giant mushroom-like tree on the left side of the trail. But watch out, a Dark Ninja might be there.

Avoiding any Dark Ninja that are probably behind the tree, sneak down the trail to a tree stump on your left thatís hollow and gray. Once there, take the trail the starts approx. 30 paces from the stump. Go down it and keep to your right. At the intersection go west. Follow the trail and cross the bridge. Watch out for the crocs! Keep going with the river on your right. Go under the wires that some gadgets use. Donít get electrocuted though. Youíll pass something a kid would play with but go past it. Then cross the stone bridge that looks like the one at your Dojo.

Go the way the Sun rises. Then take the RIGHT bridge. Ha Ha! Follow the Blue Blazed trail.Go past the three trunk tree with vines and a blue blaze. Go between 2 cut trees that have fallen across the path. Stay on the Blue Blazed trail until you get to another fallen cut tree that's across the path. Stop at the river crossing and go east (Donít cross river)about 45 steps. Then you must come to a three-trunk tree on your right. Then go about 25 steps east (uphill) to the tall three-trunk tree. Then look at the back of the tree near some rocks by the roots. Hey is that a snake!? No itís my black belt!I canít wait to tell Sensei!

The End