Strawberry On Top  LbNA # 47282

Placed DateMay 15 2009
LocationPine, AZ
Planted ByViejo    
Found By DDgang
Last Found Apr 30 2011
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was originally placed by Viejo, but he is unable to maintain so I have taken it over.

A Letterbox along with a small geocache on top of a small summit between Pine and Strawberry off highway 87. Available all year except those rare times when snow accumulates. An easy climb suitable for small children and animal companions.

In addition to the usual Letterbox, there is a geocache log book and exchange items. You are invited to sign the log book and take and leave an exchange item, if you choose.

Park off highway 87 at milepost 270 coming up out of Pine. Go through the gate in the right-of-way fence and go along the power-line road toward Strawberry until you pass pole # 481800. About 24 paces further along leave the road and maintain a heading of 320 degrees (magnetic) until you come to 2 pine trees about 5 feet apart at their bases. One of the trees is encircled by a ring of small rocks. From between these two trees, walk 21 steps on a heading of 320 degrees to a small mound. The concealment should be obvious.

The site has no distinction other than to be at the top of a small summit higher than the immediate vicinity. It is downhill in every direction from the cache. The only other merit is the hand-crafted concealment device employed (and the lovely stamp, of course!)
N 34° 24.492 W 111° 29.018