Happy Hoppy  LbNA # 47291

Placed DateMay 16 2009
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found May 23 2009
Hike Distance?

When me and my roomies went "hunting" for Mary's Mugs:Four Queens letterbox, a bunny helped us along the way through the nature preserve. After the hunt, the bunny led us to the Happy Hoppy letterbox:

From the Four Queens LB, get back on the path and hop N along the trail.
Do all the trees look the same? Not to this bunny! Look for two trees growing on the edge of the left side of the path. These two trees are growing side by side, they cross trunks and make an X about 10-12 feet up.
With your back to the X, go due W about 15 bunny hops. See the big mossy fallen tree? Follow the tree to it's end. See that big tree to the north? Hop over the branches and brush towards the Big Old Dead tree with Large pieces of bark peeling away.
See the path just a bit further north? Go there and turn right.
On the ground to your right, the happy hoppy LB is almost in sight, Tucked in the end of a fallen tree, nice and tight.