Three Heavenly Spires  LbNA # 47298

OwnerCaribbean Dreams    
Placed DateMay 17 2009
LocationTown of Erin, WI
Found By Seek First
Last Found Jun 5 2016
Hike Distance?

This journey goes through a beautiful old growth forest with rolling hills. You will need a compass. There is treasure at the end of your journey.

This box is just east of Holy Hill Shrine Church. Take hwy 41/45 northwest of Milwaukee until you get to Holy Hill Road exit. Go left(west) on Holy Hill Road past hwy 164, past CC, past the Down Slope Pub and the ski hill.You will go up a large hill and wind around a curve. You are looking for a small road coming off of your left side called Station Way Road (it is before you get to the main entrance to Holy Hill church-just east of it). Turn left onto Station Way Road and go to where the stone arch is on your right (where the road becomes a private road). Park in the little lot by the stone arch and walk over to where the bathrooms are.
Facing the bathrooms, go to your left along the tree line (you will be going approximately north), through a picnic area and up a little hill to the entrance to the Ice Age Trail. When you start on this trail, you will be going east at first.This is important, because there is another entrance to the trail across the road that goes the wrong way.
Our story begins here.....

The Lady of the Crescent Moon was seeking enlightenment. "How can I find what I am looking for?" she asked Raven, her spirit guide. "Follow the path that is the color of the sun. Cross three bridges", Raven said. The Lady began to walk. Some time after the first bridge she descended downward and was afraid."Is this the path into darkness?"she asked. "No, you will keep going", Raven replied. After the third bridge, she saw a shimmering lake on her left. "Is that what I seek?" "No", said Raven, "It is very beautiful, though, and you may want to rest on the seat on the hill and contemplate its wonder". The Lady sat for a while on the seat, but grew inpatient. "What now?" she asked. "Continue on the trail that is the color of the sun, walking away from the lake", instructed Raven. The Lady complied. She passed a path the color of the sky. "Is this the path to righteousness?" "No", said Raven. "You must stay on the color of our sun".
The Lady walked on, and climbed a Stairway to Heaven. She went on to the top of the hill, and saw a second resting place. She sat down, then looked up and beheld a wonderous sight. Her heart was full of joy. She heard Raven say, "This is the end of your journey. Find the good, and embrace it."

To find the treasure, sit straight forward on the bench. To your left, at about 210 degrees on the compass, you will walk down the hill about 25 paces to a tree that has stones piled in front of it. Here you will find what you seek!

This trail section is closed during gun deer hunting season.

If you get the time, please let us know the condition of this box. Thanks!