Red Ghost  LbNA # 47301

Placed DateMay 16 2009
LocationGarnet, MT
Found By The Bear Team
Last Found Jul 31 2013
Hike Distance?

It was found 7/29/09--- NOT MISSING!! Hip hooray! :)

There's a new ghost in the cute little ghost town of Garnet, Montana. As you look around for the 2 boxes (yes two- surprise!) the visitor's center has, be assured that there is yet another one there!

As you walk away from the visitors center walk towards a place to relieve yourself. Notice the trail goes uphill as well- you want to go that way. After you relieve yourself if neccessary.

Follow the trail up past the 2nd spot of relief. Feel free to rest your toes and take in a view for a minute or two. Continue to the 2nd place to relieve your toes (or 3rd place of relief) and you'll be on a cute little lookout above the town.

Look under the left corner- and you'll have it!