Pipsqueak Pachyderm  LbNA # 47307

Placed DateMay 17 2009
Location???, CA
Found By ???
Last Found Jan 21 2013
Hike Distance?

Percy the Pipsqueak Pachyderm left home at a very young age to travel the world in search of great adventures. He walked from the plains of Kenya all the way to the African coast. There he booked passage on a seagoing vessel and crossed the huge, blue ocean. He disembarked and continued his walk. He explored swamps, pretended he was one of Hannibal's elephants crossing high mountains, nibbled in apple orchards and berry patches. Eventually he found himself in a place the locals called "golden". As much as he searched he couldn't find any gold, just lots of golden hills and colorful fruits and vegetables.

Our adventurous tusker found himself in a very large city that was famous for its sharks, giants and earthquakes. Although it sounded like a scary place, Percy wasn't afraid. Most everyone he met was very nice to him, giving him peanuts and showers from their garden hoses. But he was lonely, since he had been away from home for such a long time. As he crossed a Meridian and followed the first American Secretary of the Treasury, he kept in mind Horace Greeley's famous advice.

Percy walked until he reached a famous Pachyderm watering hole. Going inside he was delighted to meet dozens of other pachyderm adventurers. They ate and drank and swapped stories until nearly bedtime. He bid them farewell, crossed the street and got a sandwich to go for a late night snack. He meandered north along the street until he stopped at a place where he could pick up some new duds to wear on his journey. He exited the store and turned left. When he got to the corner of the building he turned left again, searching for a place to sleep. He found a yellow hydrant where he indulged in a shower. Then he noticed a streetlight just to the left of the hydrant. He was happy for the night light, for he really was a pipsqueak still. He crawled up into the darkness under the light's collar and promptly fell asleep.