Head Heart Health & Hands  LbNA # 47312

Placed DateMay 17 2009
LocationEverett, WA
Planted ByMzFitz    
Found By Dog Gone Groomer
Last Found Oct 2 2013
Hike Distance?

 1-5 North or South take the 128th St. Exit in Everett. Head east on 128th. McCollum Park will be on the right hand side about a ½ mile from I-5. There is a swimming pool to your right just as you turn into the park. Park on the North side of the swimming pool.
 Head west down paved path toward the pool. At bottom of small hill leave pavement and follow gravel path to the right. You will pass two interpretive signs. #1 North Creek Stream Flow #2 North Creek Vegetation. Follow the path you will see a large A-Frame picnic area.
 Just off to the left of the A-Frame is the DUI Memorial Wall.
 Follow trail to your left. You will pass picnic table to your left. Follow path up small hill and keep following path down other side keeping to the left.
 At the next “Y” follow path to the right over foot- bridge. Keep straight on path. You will pass a “Vine Maple” interpretive sign along the way. Keep following main path.
 At your next “Y” follow path to your right. You will pass a green post “MW20” on your right.
 Keep on main path.
 You will pass a “Western Red Cedar” interpretive sign on your right. On your left is a sitting bench. Also pass the “Sword Fern” interpretive sign.
 At your next “y” follow path to your right. You will pass the ¾ mile marker. You are walking the path backwards, so your mile markers are going backwards.
 On your right you will pass a dead tree standing with a small fern sticking out the top.
 On your left you will pass a split cedar standing tall.
 Head up the small hill to the cedar grove. This is where we found a snake sitting in a small sunspot.
 You will pass another sitting bench, two very large rocks & the ½ mill marker all on your left.
 Follow path to backside of the park and continue around keeping houses to your right.
 Keep on main trail....
 Pass the wood fence on your right. North Creek is running behind the fence.
 As you follow the path you will come to another sitting bench. Sit down and take a load off. As you sit on that bench you will see a short path that leads down to the creek. Just off to the left you will see a large tree stump. This stump is approx. 30 steps from the bench.
 If you pass the ¼ mile marker you have gone to far.
 Behind the stump is a hole hollowed out that contains the “Head Heart Health & Hand” letterbox. There is a piece of bark over the top of the container.
 Please cover & hide well when finished.